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NovaLead receives "BIRAC Innovator Award 2015"
Sun Pharma
enters into agreement with VLife

Computational research services
Access VLife's 300+ man years of research experience and comprehensive technologies for structure based and ligand based lead generation and optimization, virtual screening of large molecular libraries and ADME / Tox predictions for decision support to add value to your research programs. More
Strategic research solutions
IndiSwitch: Improve Product lifecycle by identifying new indications More
ReViva: Augment your pipeline by re-evaluating shelved compounds More
Prometheus: Early stage 'Go-No go' decision on compounds by 360° evaluation More
Differentiating technology - VLifeScope enables scientists to identify key 'Residue - Ligand' interactions (through quantitative models)required for activity enhancement. This empowers Medicinal chemists novel approach for lead optimization and for rank ordering large libraries. More
GQSAR is a novel lead optimization technology which provides critical site specific clues to a Medicinal chemist for activity enhancement by allowing exhaustive exploration of chemical space. Overcoming the limitations of conventional QSAR, GQSAR is extremely useful for scaffold hopping . More
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