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NovaLead receives "BIRAC Innovator Award 2015"
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enters into agreement with VLife

VLife services
Create IP, Save cost and effort

VLife Services assist clients in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, beauty & healthcare, chemical & petrochemical, biotechnology and agri-biotechnology sectors through a host of services.

Research Services:
VLife Research Services help clients' build research pipeline, manage product lifecycle through innovation, unlock value in shelved compounds and enable informed decisions regarding research investment.

Knowledge Services: Our Knowledge Services help clients cut time and cost in performing critical functions in research programs through our expertise in computer aided drug design in areas such as virtual screening, protein modeling, QSAR and prediction services for activity, toxicity and ADME.

Technology Services: Our skills in developing custom technology solutions enable pursuance of a scientific approach for which off the shelf technologies are unavailable or inadequate. We also develop technologies for decision support and process automation.

By availing VLife Services, clients benefit from:

Our expertise in computational discovery

Success with computation technology requires awareness of not only its strengths but also of the areas where it needs augmentation from other approaches. Being developers of computational technologies, we have proved our expertise by creating IP in 3 NCE classes and 7 new indication discoveries.

Extensive experience across research spectrum
We cater to a variety of sectors and within them, a diversity of areas. e.g. in pharmaceuticals, we have successfully delivered discovery projects in oncology, anti-fungal, diabetes, CNS etc.

Expert skills in state-of-art computational technologies
Clients benefit from our expertise in using the whole range of VLife's technologies, efficient workflows and other 3rd party software to address a wide research spectrum saving learning time and upfront expenditure.

In-house custom technology development skills
Generic technologies sometimes are inadequate or inefficient in complex research. For such needs, our in-house team has skills to develop custom technologies ensuring reliable research.

Tell VLife your specific requirements and find how VLife can help address them.
PPR-gamma protein crystal ligand placed inside the active site
VLife’s over 300 man years of research experience is credited with:

  •  Design and discovery of 2 NCEs
  •  7 new indication discoveries
  •  Several activity specific research
The Technology Services at VLife have delivered computational technologies like GQSAR, VLifeSCOPE and have delivered:

  •  11 functional products
  •  4 technology suites e.g. VLifeMDS,             QSARpro etc.
  •  Custom technologies e.g. VLifeBiblica,
      VLifeAmadeus etc.
VLife strengths
  •  Confidentiality assurance
  •  Intellectual Property (IP) protection
  •  Project management

NCE discovery & optimization
Augment your candidate pipeline
New Indication discovery
For Product Lifecycle Management
Exploring shelf
Creating value from sunk cost
Go - no go decision support
For informed investment decisions
Virtual screening
Focus on what has potential
Protein modeling & docking
Structure based molecule design
QSAR modeling
Ligand based molecule design
Activity/ Tox/ ADME prediction
Early stage knowledge
Custom development
Research automation
Idea -> Algorithm -> Software
Database management
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