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NCE discovery research
Build your discovery pipeline with valuable IP
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We help clients in augmenting their candidate pipeline discovering New Chemical Entities and New Biological Entities for their intended purpose. VLife has significant track record in discovery research serving the requirements of variety of industry sectors including pharmaceutical/ chemical/ health and beauty care/ food and nutraceutical.

Depending on the project mandate, we cover the entire workflow to convert an idea into valuable intellectual property e.g. we cover the following work-flow for the pharmaceutical sector, with the scope of engagement with client covering some or all of the following steps:
  1. Computational discovery research
  2. Library generation and virtual screening
  3. Activity/ ADMET profiling of screened candidates
  4. Novelty search and provisional patent filing
  5. Chemical synthesis of short-listed molecules
  6. In-vitro testing and lead optimization
  7. Full application filing under PCT
  8. Assignment of the filed patent to the client
The steps 1 - 6 happen on iterative basis where the findings of the in-vitro results are used for lead optimization. Connect with VLife Expert to know more about VLife's NCE research services and how VLife can create intellectual property for you.
NCE discovery research
VLife services track record
VLife’s research team has over 300 man years of research experience. VLife Research Services is credited with:

  •  Design and discovery of 3 NCEs
  •  7 new indication discoveries
  •  Several activity specific research
LeadGen Case studies
  •  Development of novel antifungals
  •  Prioritizing NMDA agonists
  •  Identification of novel Akt inhibitors

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Our expertise in computational discovery
Success with computation technology requires awareness of not only its strengths but also of the areas where it needs augmentation from other approaches. Being developers of computational technologies, we have proved our expertise by creating IP in 3 NCE classes and 7 new indication discoveries.
Wide diversity of experience
We cater to a variety of sectors and within them, a diversity of areas. e.g. in pharmaceuticals, we have successfully delivered discovery projects in oncology, anti-fungal, diabetes, CNS etc.
State-of-art technology portfolio
Clients benefit from the whole range of VLife's technologies having validated algorithms, published innovations and efficient workflows which are accessible to clients through VLife services.
In-house custom development skills
Generic technologies sometimes are inadequate or inefficient in complex research. For such needs, our in-house team has skills to develop custom technologies ensuring reliable research.
Case studies: VLife services
anti - depressants Development of novel anti - depressants View
Pharmacophore identification and lead optimization Pharmacophore identification and lead optimization for novel antifungals View
Dual active antifungals Development of dual active antifungals View
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