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Technology services
Leveraging technology for higher efficiency and predictability

We help clients with our expertise in technology development and project management to meet wide range of technology needs.

Idea --> Algorithm --> Software
If you have a valid new idea for more assured discovery research but not the technology resources to convert it into usable software, we bring our ability to understand scientist's language and the technology expertise to deliver a user friendly technology for you.

Custom development
Where generic software hits limitations in terms of available methods, functions, workflows or algorithm itself, our scientists work closely with our technology experts to deliver custom technology solutions that help you achieve your research goals more assuredly. These custom developed technologies are just for you and the intellectual property belongs to you.

Research process automation
Although the research process follows certain logical steps, every research organization or group has its own work flows that have been developed over the years. Such work flows might require usage of different technological tools, relational databases, specialized functions etc., in a particular fashion as per the specific work flow. Our expertise in computational discovery technology development can help automate the entire workflow and customize it for your organization by integrating the necessary technology components as required. The work flow automation results in significant minimization of steps requiring human intervention, reduction in inputs required to be given to the software to the most critical and automation of repetitive tasks thus freeing valuable scientific time for real research.

Database management
Research efforts over the years results in generation of large databases of molecules, fragments or targets. A significant knowledge base exists in such data sets. However its extraction is many a times hampered due to an ineffective database management system. Our scientists and technology experts have developed databases and the tools to extract information from these databases to generate a knowledge base of significant value. We can create large data sets, develop tools to search the data on various criteria such as sub structure, descriptors, pharmacophore or molecular fingerprint. We can also help you manage your data sets on an ongoing basis.

Tell VLife your specific requirements and find how VLife can help address them.
Technology services
VLife services track record
The Technology Services at VLife have developed core advancements to computational technologies like GQSAR, VLifeSCOPE and have delivered:

  •  11 functional products
  •  4 technology suites e.g. VLifeMDS,             QSARpro etc.
  •  Custom technologies e.g.
      VLifeAmadeus, VLifeBiblica.

We know the domain
Having developed 4 product suites, multiple functional products, new patent pending technologies and customized technology solutions
Our proven ability to innovate
Our technologies of GQSAR and VLifeSCOPE bring significantly valuable insights to researchers over standard 2D QSAR /3D QSAR and docking. They were first of their kind technologies when developed and continue to be so.
Our technology skills
We have a strong expert base in computational technologies, relational databases, distributed computing and cloud computing, which are eminently useful in developing solutions for the most complex problems.
Our project management abilities
Our expertise in SDLC processes, SOP based approach to assure robust, high quality of code for the developed technology and scalability ensures timely delivery.
Case studies: VLife services
CADD technology platform Development of a customized CADD technology platform View
integrated information management system Development of an integrated information management system View
SCOPE method Novel PTP1B inhibitors design using SCOPE method View
QSAR technology A novel QSAR technology for new molecule design View
Regression technique A novel regression technique for modeling non-linear activity and property data View
"The VLifeAMADEUS technology custom developed by VLife for us is the backbone of our drug discovery programme. VLife understood our idea perfectly and we were surprised at the extent of value addition, VLife's scientists could make to our basic idea."

Santosh Gupta Ph.D.
Director - Strategic Research,
Novalead Pharma
Technology services
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Idea -> Algorithm -> Software
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