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NovaLead receives "BIRAC Innovator Award 2015"

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Study of macromolecules and their interaction with ligands has always been a key element in scientific research. BioPredicta equips the researchers to protein preparation, homology modeling, model validation and protein - ligand docking in a seamless fashion. Apart from standard elements of a macromolecule handling software, BioPredicta is equipped with;
  • GRIP docking which is an optimal method for accuracy and speed for precision docking
  • RAPID docking which is ideal for virtual high throughput screening (vHTS)
  • Multiple scoring functions for consensus based molecule profiling
  • Single template and multi-template based homology modeling for remote homologue situations
  • Comprehensive protein model analysis including Ramchandran plot
BioPredicta is available for both Linux and Windows® operating systems.
Standard inclusions in BioPredicta
VLife Engine: For all molecular operations & key activiies of conformer generation and energy minimization.
ProModel: For homology modeling with options for single & multiple template based modeling.
VLifeDock: For docking studies with multiple scoring functions & options for Rapid & High Precision modes.
Side chain view of active site residues
Side chain view of active site residues used to dock ligand into human PBP II protein
VLifeMDS 4.0 features
Advantages of BioPredicta
Peer reviewed algorithms
Algorithms in BioPredicta have wide acceptance in scientific community. These algorithms are either publishes or are patent pending. There are multiple case studies of research conducted with BioPredicta.
Ease of plug-in / plug-out
BioPredicta though is an integrated platform for studying & modeling proteins, it has a modular architecture. Customers can buy the whole suite in one-go or buy incrementally to suite their requirement.
Ease of customization & integration
BioPredicta is fully developed in-house with complete ownership of every line of code. This provides unprecedented flexibility to add-on/ customize the product to suite customer specifications as well as integrating it to customers' existing discovery workbench.
Optionals: Capability enhancing technologies
VLifeSCOPE:To optimize lead design based on interaction between the molecule and interacting residues in the active site.
Case studies: Application of VLife products
Enzymes Application of enzymes to enhance drug action View
Target Identification Target Identification for existing nutraceutical molecule View
Homology modeling Homology modeling using BioPredicta View
"GRIP docking in BioPredicta is a significant improvement over comparable technologies in terms of accuracy and speed of predictions of docking poses with respect to the co-crystallized X-ray structures."

R. Sowdhamini. Ph.D.
National Centre for Biological Sciences, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR)
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