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VLifeAutoQSAR: Automated approach for swift activity prediction and efficient database search
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AutoQSAR is an advanced, rapid and intelligent QSAR solution from VLife that provides an approach to build a consensus QSAR model by presenting the best possible statistical models with a ‘single click’. The smart AutoQSAR approach drastically reduces time otherwise spent on iterative statistical model building and analysis especially when dealing with a large amount of molecular structural data along with their experimental properties or activities.

AutoQSAR workflow:
A typical approach using conventional QSAR requires significant statistical expertise and time as it involves a series of steps including property calculations, training and test set definition, variable selection and finally model generation. These steps usually have to be performed in several iterations before a ‘good’ QSAR model can be generated.

AutoQSAR simplifies this task by completely automating this procedure. AutoQSAR works in two simple steps:

Step 1: Input data set of molecules and their activity information

Step 2: Automatic QSAR process to produce the best model(s)

The AutoQSAR output is dictated by multiple options for variable selection and model building exercised by the user in one single instance.
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VLife AutoQSAR
Advantages of VLifeAutoQSAR
Consensus approach to minimize repetitive model generation
One single consolidated report of best QSAR model(s) that can be used to screen a library
Powerful graphical representation enabling easy interpretation of results
Contribution plot of descriptors in the final model(s) to decide their relative importance in design of new molecules
Easy validation of the generated consensus model
Fitness plot to show the prediction accuracy of training and test set
Variety of statistical measures to determine confidence on QSAR model
Statistical parameters like r², pred r², q², Standard Error, F-test etc. to improve confidence on the generated model
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"This new QSAR methodology gives QSARpro, a decisive edge over conventional QSAR. The ability to combine kNN with MFA is a unique approach which I came across only in QSARpro from VLife. It is now a method of choice in my research."

Dr. S.P.Gupta
Ex-BITS, Pilani
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