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kNN-MFA: Exploiting the contribution of non-linear relationships in QSAR
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kNN-MFA is a novel methodology. Unlike conventional QSAR regression methods, this methodology can handle non-linear relationships of molecular field descriptors with biological activity, thus making it a more accurate predictor of biological activity.

Conventional correlation methods try to generate linear relationship with the activity, whereas kNN is inherently non-linear method and is better able to explain activity trends.

kNN-MFA is built around the conceptually simple approach of pattern recognition working on active analog principle. The best part is that kNN-MFA has the ability to generate several models using user defined training and test set.
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Pub: J. Chem. Inf. Model. 46, 24-31,2006
Three-Dimensional QSAR Using the k-Nearest Neighbor Method and its Interpretation, Subhash Ajmani, Kamalakar Jadhav and Sudhir A. Kulkarni
Advantages of kNN-MFA technology
Inherent consideration for non-linearity
kNN MFA does not assume a linear relation between activity and molecular properties and the inherent non-linearity in the method leads to improved models resulting in better predictive ability
More accurate predictive ability
kNN MFA has an intrinsic approach of pattern recognition on active analog principle and its ability to exhaustively scan several possible models utilizing user defined selections on the data set
Contribution to more diverse library generation
The QSAR models derived with kNN MFA can lead to generation of a library of molecules that satisfy one or many design considerations suggested by kNN-MFA model
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"This new QSAR methodology gives QSARpro, a decisive edge over conventional QSAR. The ability to combine kNN with MFA is a unique approach which I came across only in QSARpro from VLife. It is now a method of choice in my research."

Dr. S.P.Gupta
Ex-BITS, Pilani
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